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He calls her "Jess-Jess." They dated for six years and lived together in his L. home, but they broke up in the series' "Pilot" episode, because he cheated on her with, and then immediately started dating, a pretty redhead named Rochelle that he believes is perfect for him.

He is extremely self-involved and kind of a loser, who takes irrational stands against things like the post office.

It all started with the men and women – firefighters, Rescue Squad and paramedics – of Chicago Firehouse 51.“We didn’t want to do a fire or case of the week procedural show,” says executive producer Derek Haas.“We wanted to do an ensemble show with 10 characters and you get in their lives.

He's surprised to see her home early, and she introduces him to "Tiger Boobs" - her self-selected stripped name - before she starts gyrating against a large throw pillow and a house plant, trying - and failing - to be sexy as she sing-narrates her own striptease. She whips back around, only to discover that Spencer's not alone - a pretty, but also half-naked, redhead is now standing in the hallway gawking at her.A few months back, our chief fire consultant came in and he usually wears a white shirt and he had a bit of black on his collar, and I was like, “Have you been working?” He was like, “I just came from a fire – we lost a three-month-old.” It’s real, because it’s right there and they’re telling us where they’re coming from and where they’re going to and who their friends are.He appeared in the first two episodes of New Girl, and is portrayed by Ian Wolterstorff.Looking to spice up her love life with Spencer, Jess heads home early, sitting in the back of a cab with nothing on but a trench coat.