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We report the excitation of the non-steady-state photoelectro-motive force in a monoclinic gallium oxide crystal.

The crystal grown in an oxygen atmosphere is insulating and highly transparent for a visible light, nevertheless, the formation of dynamic space-charge gratings and observation of the photo-EMF signal is achieved under the laser illumination with wavelength λ = 532 nm.

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Tang, “Unipolar resistive switching behavior of amorphous gallium oxide thin films for nonvolatile memory applications,” Appl.

History of Power Electronics for Motor Drives in Japan / M.

Ohno // [Electronic resource] Mode of access : http : // org / portal / cms_docs_iportals / iportals / aboutus / history_center / conferences / che2004 / Yano2

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Process for the recovery of sucrose and non­sucrose materials. D Young & Co 120 Holborn, LONDON, EC1N 2DY, United Kingdom.

The review of the control systems used in lifts is done.

A supercapacitor-based energy-storage system for elevator with soft commutated interface / A. Barrade // IEEE Transactions on Industry Application.

Confirmed a critical role of quality beet and fuel consumption in the competitiveness of beet sugar.

As a criterion of evaluation used an integrated indicator – the cost of technology in material terms.