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Her latest effort, Land & Sea, her first release on Toronto based independent label, Pheromone Recordings, is no exception.Sometimes I wish that I could pick up a guitar and make a quiet, little, intimate album, but thats just not who I am musically, Slean says. Thats an ethic Slean has employed with increasing enthusiasm since first releasing her debut recording Universe in 1997.Quant à Metaphysics, premier album en cinq ans, c’est un salut à Peter Gabriel, Dan Lanois, Tori Amos, Radiohead et, oui, Gustav Mahler.1 | My mini paints I got these when I was on tour in Stockholm in 2004. I like to do a quick watercolour to pass the time on airplanes.Instead, with Land & Sea, Slean embarked on the most challenging recording of her career a double album that juxtaposes two dramatically different aesthetics, producers, writing processes, recording environments and musicians.

Anyone familiar with even a portion of Sarah Sleans creative output knows she refuses to do anything by half measure.You can now enjoy Sarah Slean and other popular shows and events even with a tight budget!Its the word-of-mouth advertizing that keeps us going, so do tell your friends about us! At our site, we keep our costs low so we are able to offer the lowest prices on tickets for the most sought after events, events such as Sarah Slean.It’s what I put on after a performance, when I’ve taken off my dress and makeup. 7 | My map of Paris After a particularly bad breakup in 2003, I went to Paris to experience its pure, unadulterated romanticism. 8 | My grand piano My parents bought me a 120-year-old Mason and Risch when I was 14 at the insistence of my piano teacher, Mrs. I’ve taken it with me to all my apartments—I even brought it with me to a cabin in the Almonte woods north of Toronto. The lesson is timeless: there is so much waiting for you if you’re willing to take the road less travelled.10 | My diary I have all my journals dating back to 2000.