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Once the copy has completed, you will have two folders named "Battlefield 2" and "Copy of Battlefield 2" 5. The shortcut will run BF2from whichever folder is named "Battlefield 2" and both installations share the same registry entries.Install the patch 1.4 beta, then start the game as normal When you wish to switch back to the release version of BF2, use the following steps: 1. Right click the "Battlefield 2" folder and choose "Rename" 3. Using the above steps will negate the need to completely uninstall and re-install whenever you wish to switch from the retail version to the beta version and vice versa.Project Reality: BF2 v1.2 does all the usual update stuff of fixing bugs and improving stability, but also provides a new master server backend, ensuring the mod will function after the Game Spy closure.In addition, it brings three new maps into the mix, as well as a new Dutch Forces faction.EA have said that many of their Game Spy-enabled games won't be updated with a new matchmaking solution.For Battlefield 2, that's meant the battle for online battles must now be fought by fans .EA will not provide customer support for any issues related to the use of any BETA related files.Any issues experienced during the use of these files should be reported to the EA Battlefield2 forums.

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