Chemistry online dating review

and are both popular among singles, but upon looking closely into them they cater to different groups.

For example, the former presents you a deep personality test, while the latter organizes live social events.

Knowing the differences between them could help you choose the right one.

is an online dating site that emphasizes the inner values as key elements for matchmaking.

The site uses a multi-leveled personality created by a renowned anthropologist, Dr. This is done during the profile creation process, and although it takes a while, it’s definitely worth your effort.

Your results are displayed in a brief summary, and then you are put into one of the four categories.

But, understands neither how to make technology function, nor how to let people function. You'll be asking yourself that question as you slog through the profiles at many online dating sites.

As of June 2013, more than 8 million people across the world have taken the personality test.

The system then shows how well you and your possible partner go together during the matchmaking section.

Knowing something about your preferred partner even before contacting him or her is a definite plus in the online dating world.

The site serves for both heterosexual and same sex singles.

It is less popular than but still gets about 1.6 million visits every month.