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It gained celebrity kudos when Paltrow was snapped with its characteristic round welts on her back.Clients also undergo two colonic irrigations and weekly sessions of reflexology.It's been a nice ride, but all things eventually come to an end. For now check out Zooqle - these guys seem to know their stuff. Thousands of years ago, the now-flooded caves deep beneath Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula served as passageways for the humans and animals of the last Ice Age.But, for many unfortunate creatures, the journey across the horizontal passage ended in untimely death at the bottom of an inescapable pit.Why it's hot: It's a great tease that lets him know you're having naughty thoughts about him. Why it's hot: Saying your burger was arousing shows you can find the hotness anywhere. Plus, he'll feel special knowing you'd rather see him naked than a ripped celebrity.4. He'll be strangely turned on next time he orders a Quarter Pounder.5.

In addition Dr Joshi prescribes his own assortment of herbal supplements and uses a technique called "cupping", used in Egyptian and Chinese medicine for thousands of years.Whether Britain falls back into recession is still in question.But given cuts in public sector spending, the dip in the housing market and higher National Insurance contributions due next year, times are going to be tough for a while.However, despite the impending gloom there are still ways to save and even make some money. Rates on savings aren't the best, but you can still get a return significantly higher than the Bank Rate of 0.5pc if you look around.Yorkshire Building Society, for instance, has announced a new range of fixed-rate bonds paying interest of up to 4.6pc.

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